Jalyssa Woodall

Jalyssa Woodall

Digital Marketing Specialist II,
Gate 39 Media


Keller Hawthorne

Keller Hawthorne

VP, Marketing Technology,
Gate 39 Media



Remen Okoruwa

Senior Product Manager,

Guest Speaker

Watch Our Webinar and Learn How to Turn One-to-Many Metrics into a One-to-One Prospecting Strategy

Translating thousands of marketing data points into clear and meaningful insights for sales teams can help optimize sales communications, build warmer relationships, and shorten the sales cycle. HubSpot offers some of the most insightful and powerful reporting in the digital marketing industry, and it keeps getting better. However, reimagining that data into actionable sales insights can be a challenge.

Transforming HubSpot Marketing Data into Actionable Sales Insights


In this 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Which marketing metrics offer the best actionable insights for sales teams.
  • How to build custom dashboards that inform an individual salesperson about their prospects’ recent engagement, including:
    • What content their leads are consuming.
    • How their leads are interacting with marketing emails.
    • When their leads visit their website.
  • What’s next for HubSpot’s reporting tools.
  • Audience Q&A – we answered your burning HubSpot marketing and sales questions!


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